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Thank you for visiting the Spector Studio site. I’ve been teaching painting internationally since 2004. Currently, I am teaching at Art League Houston in Houston, TX.  Everyone I teach learns the essential skills needed to make a well-structured painting. 

oil palette-7158

As an artist and a painting instructor I am always practicing and I encourage my students to do the same. New concepts, tools and equipment are developed and rediscovered all the time. As these new ideas emerge, I embrace them in my artwork and share them in the studio. I prescribe to many methods of painting and am open to explore all of them.  Students learn what they want to learn and they are guided based on their own development and interests. This is why, when you look through the images on this site, you’ll see a wide variety of styles and influences.  Each painting is as unique as the student who made it.

Pim working on Glazing

Pim working on Glazing

Art is made on a timeline of human history; we practice art-making to find our unique place on that timeline, to be influenced by those before us and to be responsible to help share the burden and delight of influencing those that come after us.      

- Laura Spector

“You learn to draw by drawing.”
-Mick Maslen

“You learn to paint by painting.” 
 -Laura Spector

All photos taken by Laura Spector.  Photos show students working in the Spector Studio on paintings they created  under her instruction. 


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